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It is mainly confined with employee feedbacks, assessing works and reporting their performance.

Good leadership is an essential characteristic of soft skill. Redtapism To improve the commitment and psychological satisfaction of the work group, monetary considerations were channelized in such a way that it improved the motivation and role perception. Independent support is provided by the organisation for health of employees in relation to the job, traumas, debt etc.

Congruence or a state of agreement should be present in the organisation as the workers in the royal mail should be fully content with their positions. Human resource strategies developed by royal mail organisation was subtle. The royal mail is located in easy location which helps the employees to come to work very easily.

The criteria used by Royal mail organisation for selecting a suitable candidate are as follows; 1. Professional development is given more importance with the effective use of business tools and technical skills. While working, some roles are paid shift allowances and mostly in flexible hours.

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Current state of the organisation can be closely studied with evidence based HR management approach.

Identification of the core requirements by the royal mail enabled them to frame a new set of HR strategies from 2005, HR management in Royal mail is mainly divided into 3 functional areas.

It worked with People and Organisational Development Services.

In 2006, about 14 private operators were allowed to participate in the working of the company.

An organisation should hold the unique strength of efficient recruiting which steps it out to a new level of development.