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Semester(s) Traditionally Offered: Fall The Equine Specialist has a broad role in equine assisted mental health and experiential education programs.

Equine specialists are responsible for training and assessment of the therapy horse, therapeutic environments, safety procedures, understanding theories commonly used, and designing arena activities.

Examines major processes shaping humans, including world colonization, our foraging legacy, origins of agriculture and civilization, and implications of our past for the present and future.

Semester(s) Traditionally Offered: Fall (Spring online)Familiarizes incoming freshmen, new majors, and transfer students with the academic resources available to Anthropology students at USU.

(F, Sp)Principles of the care and management of companion (dog and cat) and exotic animals, including breeds, anatomy, physiology, behavior, nutrition, infectious diseases, parasites and animal welfare issues.

This is a one semester hour credit on-line course that encourages graduate students to think in depth about the complexity of relationships between changes in the environment, pathogenicity and distribution of organisms (bacteria, viruses, fungi, and protozoa), changing distributions of human beings and animals, both domestic and wild, all within the context of global climate change, global trade, and political unrest.

The course is designed with MPH students in mind but we welcome graduate students in all departments to participate.

For complete details on transferring credits to Utah State University, please visit the USU Registrar's website where you will also find contact information for the articulation office. Courses may be add/removed from this list from term to term and at anytime.

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