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“I have maintained a parent stock of 10 pigs,” she says, adding that each pig can produce 24 to 30 piglets every year. I used to sell mature local breeds between sh100,000 and sh150,000 after feeding them for over seven months.

It is unbelievable that I can earn the same amount from a piglet.

“I attribute my success to our Lungujja-Wakaliga Kwagalana Women Group, a community-based development organisation that has nurtured the spirit of working together, and Rubaga division council for organising farmers’ training programmes,” she says.According to the 2008 national livestock population census, there are only three million pigs in the country, compared to 11 million cows and 12 million goats.However, the number of pigs reared by Ugandans has been rising gradually.The current scarcity of poultry feeds as a result of the expensive maize has not spared Mubiru.She says her five-month-old 300 layers should be producing eggs by now but have not because of poor feeding.