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In some cases pregnancy may occur prior to menarche, while in others it may not be possible for months after menarche.Some girls will not begin releasing eggs from their ovaries for up to 12 to 18 months after they begin their periods.Please refer to the section entitled, "How Parents Can Help Children Cope" for information about helping young men adjust to these physical changes.The primary sex characteristic changes for girls includes the uterus starting to build a lining that will later be shed through the process of menstruation, and the vagina beginning to produce a mucus-like discharge.Despite no official confirmation, Gal Gadot stated during an interview on NBC's Today talk-show that Brett Ratner will indeed not be a part of the Wonder Woman sequel.It'll be too early to find out the sex of your baby at your dating scan.The spermarche indicates a boy is now producing sperm and could fertilize a female egg through sexual activity, resulting in female pregnancy.This first ejaculation often occurs during sleep; it is often referred to as a "wet dream." Young men may also experience spontaneous erections when they're awake.

Ratner's production company Rat Pac-Dune Entertainment co-produced Wonder Woman alongside Warner Bros, and neither Ratner nor Warner Bros has said anything about these allegations yet.

These changes can happen months or just weeks before a girl experiences menarche, or her first menstrual period. The most significant and noticeable primary sex change for young women is menarche, or the first menstrual period.

This occurs when the uterus -- the organ that will later carry and nurture a baby -- sheds its first lining of tissue and blood.

On average, the first menstrual period occurs between ages 10 and 15 years for North American girls.

While some girls may experience a full menstrual flow during their first period, some girls may only experience a light or spotty flow during their first periods.