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Ignores the fact that the articles are written by overweight 40 year old women. “Yep still making an hour” am: It’s getting close to lunch. His friend slightly nods his head, his boss already left the building. pm: On his way home he remembers that there were over 20 attractive women at the bar who he did not speak to. He was probably some uptight Wall Street guy I’m going to **fight him** the next time something like that happens. am: “All corporations are gross so I better check my paystub to make sure I am still getting paid! “Hmm that girl over 7 cubes is really cute, I haven’t talked to her in person for the last two years but its probably makes sense to ask her out to lunch out of the blue”. A man in a suit is standing behind them and asks “If he’s overpaid why do people pay so much to watch the games? pm: Finally goes to bed with an extensive hangover and a slightly lighter bank account. ” am: “Well I’ve got about 5 minutes i know the Barrista I have been trying to hit on for the last five years knows my drink I should be okay.” Gets his drink, pays and heads to work. The three minute delta is no big deal because no one cares about his work anyway. “Oh man i can’t wait I love happy hour we get drinks for like and maybe that cute girl i just messaged will tell me she likes me!!!!!! pm: Well at least he got some work done between and pm. I can’t go to the gym today because maybe that girl likes me! “Nah man I don’t bet money on stuff man, lets just make it a friendly bet.” Boss looks at him, squints “sure”. Of course he has never played a sport before in his – am: Reads a bunch of important news articles on “Yahoo” and “Shine” about dating and lifting weights. Now the conversation is turning *philosophical* “Man yeah, i can’t believe those sports players get paid so much its dumb they shouldn’t be paid more than doctors they should be paid much less”.

Our offerings for days […] Don’t shoot the messenger.

According to a court affidavit obtained by Us, Sarah, 53, called the police just after p.m. Mariah Carey is PETA’s “Angel for Animals.” The “Always Be My Baby” singer, 47, is being awarded the organization’s honor for her work on the new animated film All I Want for Christmas Is You.

The movie, which promotes animal adoption and highlights the responsibility of caring for a canine, was both […] Holiday party season is officially upon us and if you’ve been stuck in a hair styling rut lately, let Stylish come to your rescue.

“I don’t have to give everyone the specific breakdown of exactly why […] Pantone just announced that Ultra Violet is the color of 2018, but so many celebs were ahead of the trend!

Stars including Rihanna, Kylie Jenner, Amal Clooney and even Queen Elizabeth are just a few who have rocked the hue. Track Palin, the son of former governor Sarah Palin, allegedly assaulted his father, Todd Palin, before being arrested on burglary and assault charges at the family’s home in Wasilla, Alaska, on Saturday, December 16, Us Weekly can confirm.