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Psychopathy has also been linked to high psychoticism—a theorized dimension referring to tough, aggressive or hostile tendencies.

Aspects of this that appear associated with psychopathy are lack of socialization and responsibility, impulsivity, sensation-seeking (in some cases), and aggression.

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Ellen Pao made headlines in 2015 as interim CEO at Reddit, where she made a widely publicized attempt to shut down subreddits that fostered hate speech, but her fight against sexism in tech goes back much farther.

In her debut collection, Lesley Nneka Arimah blends magical realism and sci-fi elements for a truly unique set of stories about family, friendship, and home that will leave you hungry for more of her work.

This nonfiction book tells the horrifying story of Oklahoma’s Osage Indian murders, many of which remain unsolved nearly 100 years later.

But most importantly, she explores what it truly means to make a sacrifice for the ones you love. Follow Eliza on Twitter and Cosmo Celeb on Facebook.

Marcus, John, and Edens more recently performed a series of statistical analyses on PPI scores and concluded psychopathy may best be conceptualized as having a "dimensional latent structure" like depression. repeated the study on a larger sample of prisoners, using the PCL-R and seeking to rule out other experimental or statistical issues that may have produced the previously different findings.The creation of ASPD and DPD was driven by the fact that many of the classic traits of psychopathy were impossible to measure objectively.Although no psychiatric or psychological organization has sanctioned a diagnosis titled "psychopathy", assessments of psychopathic characteristics are widely used in criminal justice settings in some nations, and may have important consequences for individuals.In 2012, she sued venture capital firm Kleiner Perkins for gender discrimination.She lost the case, but her lawsuit inspired so many other women to come forward about Silicon Valley sexism that insiders started referring to the wave of suits as "the Pao effect." After a fire at the home of the Richardsons — a white, upper-middle-class family in the near-perfect suburban town of Shaker Heights — sets the scene, Celeste Ng throws a ton of major themes at you: motherhood, youth, class, race. But Juli Berwald's book, which incorporates her own experiences as a scientist, goes a long way toward explaining why jellyfish are the way they are (and might make you reconsider them as harbingers of beach doom).