Ashanti dating irv gotti

When it comes to his ‘Dedication to My Ex (Miss That)‘ single that features Andre 3000, the singer says he didn’t know if it would be received well.

“My creative mind said ‘This is something’ but my rational mind that has developed over time, through mistakes said, ‘you never know how people feel or what they’re going through or how they’ll react,” he explained.

The hits weren’t only reserved for acts on the label, Murder Inc also crafted smash hits for Jennifer Lopez, Fat Joe, Mary J. But things soon came crashing down when a federal case forced label heads and brothers Irv and Chris Gotti into a fight for their freedom.

To make matters worse, the label’s archenemy 50 Cent and his G-Unit collective’s hostile rap takeover drove fans to reject the Murder Inc’s previously lucrative sound.

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As for future collabos, the singer wants to work with Snoop and Atlanta rapper Future.The Grammy winner fractured her foot a couple of months back, but only recently went to the doctor to be properly diagnosed.She unknowingly possessed the hairline fracture during the filming of the heavily choreographed video, “I Got It,” this past January.After Irv and his brother were found not guilty of money laundering, business resumed at the label, now operating under a new name; The Inc.Unfortunately, it would fail to achieve the level of success enjoyed prior to the fed case.