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If taking your child under two years of age into the theatre, please be aware of the following concerns: Tripping hazards, row spacing, stairs, steep rakes and the lack of light in the auditorium during a performance can be particularly hazardous when carrying an infant within the theatre.Production elements such as loud music, bright lights pyrotechnic stage effects and show content can cause distress to infants.

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Patrons are advised of storage area and all items are marked with the patron’s row and seat number.The potential for disturbance to other patrons by crying or restless infants.Parents choosing to visit the theatre with children less than two years of age are asked to liaise with the theatre's front-of-house staff on arrival at the theatre.The original chandelier and many of the building’s bespoke interior features are still in place.Other world-class stage productions to have played at this theatre include CONTACT Ticket and Show Information Ticketmaster 1300 111 011 Wheelchair and Disability Bookings – All Venues (03) 9299 9800 BOX OFFICE HOURS The Princess Theatre Box office is open 2 hours before all shows.